Télécharger Brave Save APK MOD

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Télécharger Brave Save APK MOD

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Tlcharger Brave Save APK MOD
Tlcharger Brave Save APK MOD
A speed-run game.

Play the Knight with different magical abilities, and bring 3 villagers who follow you, to safety. Be fast and gauge magical abilities you gain, to defeat the vicious monsters and counter their spells!
Un jeu de course rapide.

Jouez le Chevalier avec différentes capacités magiques et amenez 3 villageois qui vous suivent en sécurité. Soyez rapide et mesurez vos capacités magiques pour vaincre les monstres vicieux et contrer leurs sorts!
– No more distracting « Craft items ». Instead, we now have Gems of 6 different colours.
– 3d-clocks are added into the scenes, showing remaining time in a more obvious and clear way.
– Reduced global cooldown for abilities, so they can be used more frequently

– New setting to offset the « upper-left ability button », to avoid accidentally clicking OS context button on Android phones.
– A few new UI sounds
– Fixed bugs related to crafting and upgrading the abilities.

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