Awesam, A Trendy Shirt for Your Awesome Look

TIMESINDONESIA, MALANG – Awesam, a local brand of shirt of Malang trying to get closer with the community with their products. They have an awesome shirt that will make you save your time of shorting which shirt you will wear today.

Up until now, Awesam has had around 8 chain shops around Malang, East Java. You could find lots of shirt from the local to international brand at their shop. They also have typical Malang language printed on their shirt that you could use as a souvenir.


Fafi Fathurrahman the owner of Awesam told that he started his business in 2013. Back then he doesn’t have certain brand on his products. And he just used Awesam as his brand starting 2016 till now.   

“I’d like this brand to be as awesome as its name. And that it could satisfy them as well,” Fafi said. Meanwhile, Fafi also welcome everyone who only wants to print some word or picture on their shirt. They could customize their order to their taste.

For a piece of shirt of Awesam Malang, you could have it for IDR 38-60 K. This shop also take all seminar kit order with a customized print from pen, pencil, notebook and more. (*)