Bebodoran Poetar, a Javanese Real Life Drama Comedy

TIMESINDONESIA, YOGYAKARTA – Several comedians of Yogyakartra bring out an idea to fill their spare time during this pandemic. The performed a live comedy which they so called as Komedi Poetar to entertained all their fans and those people who longing for local drama comedy.

Komedi Poetar was broadcasted live through Zoom on Saturday June, 20 2020 at 20. 000 local western time. Several superior comedians such as Marwoto were also joining the show. “it’s the first drama comedy ever broadcasted live through an app, ” he said

As a senior comedian which has been performed on the stage for more than 30 years, Marwoto saw a huge different between the old and the modern way of perform on the stage. “The new generation has tremendous innovation which is beyond our expectation, and I hope they won’t just stop here, ” he added.

This time, the comedy took a topic about local pawnshop. They also invited the Director of Local Pawnshop Damar Latri Setiawan to watch their show. “We appreciate much that these talented comedians will take the life of pawnshop and the local community gandar on their show, ” Latri said.

Moreover, towards the Komedi Poetar of Yogyakarta, Latri also hope that this comedy show could inspire another artist to always show their skill and talents no matter what the situation. To watch and join on Zoom the viewers must to pay some ticket for IDR 50 K, and the they management shared them the link to be followed. (*)