Check These Attractive Tourist Destinations in Banjar

TIMESINDONESIA, BANJAR – Chasing tourist destinations in Banjar seems like a never ending joy. This city offers hundreds of local destinations which will make you feel like you don’t want to leave this place.

While some are pictures could be found online thanks to Instagram, others are still fairly well hidden and you may be lucky enough to get them all to yourself for a while! So what are they? Let’s check them out.

1. Curug Panganten

Curug Penganten or Bride Waterfall has become one iconic destination in Bnajar. Lots of people will coming to this place just for the soothing atmosphere the waterfall gave.

Located at Muktiasih, Sukamukti, Kampung this place will pamper you with wonderful leveled waterfall with low waterflow. Each level has its own pond to dip your tired feet. The fresh crystal clear water has been used by the lical community gandar their water source.

2. Batu peti

Batu Peti which literally means as stone case was believed by the local. vommuniry as suasana abandoned tresure chest of Sangkuriang. Sangkuriang was a local legend which believe topass bythis area on his journey.

This stine was planned to be a tourist destination by the local government along with some agrotourism in the tempat. You could find lots of orchrds in this place from rambutan to mango.

3. Taman Air

Taman air is a local spring fresh water whi h has been used as a local public pool. Only certain people knows this place beside the locals. With the massive number of water flows the government planned to make this public pool bigger so it could accomodate more visitors.

4. Sentiong tunnel

This tunnel was buit in 1916. This tunnel was formerly a railway tunnel that connect the area to Pangandaran, West Java. It has 183 long with kind of horrors atmosphere spread around the area.

This tunnel will be a great place to go for those who looking for some mystery or horror in Dukuh, West Java. Moreover, this place has picturesque spots for your pictures. (*)