Curug Landung, A Mini Niagara Falls of Kuningan West Java

TIMESINDONESIA, KUNINGAN – Curug Landung a beautiful waterfall in Kelompok Palutungan, Cisantana, Cigugur, Kuningan, West Java offers you a wonderful scenery of mini Niagara fall. This tourist destination offers the beautiful natural view of waterfall mixed with several some interesting attraction prepared by the management.

“We will make sure people will be happy spending their time in this place with all the attraction we provide, ” the Manager of Curug Landung, Abidin said on Thursday (25/6/2020).

Still according to him, besides having a wonderful waterfall and a mini straddle waterfall next to it, Curug Landung also has sevraal interesting tourist attractions which will satisfy your hunger for a beautiful selfie spot.

A swing located at the mouth of Lurah Landung (Landung Ravinge), a beautiful artificial flying carpet, huge bird nest that you could use as your bed, a wonderful air balloon, a huge wall, sky bike and some playground for your kids will surely make you feel like you were in a lost long place that you really wanted for.

This place also accommodates you with cafeteria with local delicious food that will satisfy your belly when its growl. What a perfect place to go.

As it is new biasa time, the management of Curug Landung (Landung Waterfall), Kuningan, West Java also asked every of their visitor to wear a mask while they are enjoying the scenery. They also asked them to wash their hand before entering the place and check their body temperature. They also asked them to do a physical distancing for this reason. (*)