Dukuh Primitif Banyuwangi is Longing for Your Visit

TIMESINDONESIA, BANYUWANGI – It’s been a long time the Kampung Primitif or Primitive Village of Banyuwangi has been left without a visitor. It had been temporarily closed for public for several months during this pandemic. And during this new normal time the management decided to reopened the place.

Located at Krajan, Purwodadi, Gambiran, Banyuwangi this place offers an exotic beauty of primitive housing and some other primitive tools to see. There was also a floating house with exotic design that will wash your thirsty soul for picturesque spot for selfie.

Wisata Kampung Primitif Banyuwangi a

Though this place has been closed for public during the pandemic, several loyal visitors keep coming to this place for picnic or just sightseeing. During this reopening the management has maintained some facilities and attraction to attract the visitors.

Wisata Kampung Primitif Banyuwangi b

“We closed the area during the pandemic. But one people sometimes coming to this place. And we allow them just to enjoy the scenery for free. We have also build new attraction during this closure, it will be a surprise for you to see, ” Joko Parayitno, the manger of Dukuh Prinitive said.

This maintenance was supported by the local village. They even put some money for the construction to make Kampung Primitive Banyuwangi back to its former glory. “We support this place to shine like it was before, ” Sutanto, the Chief of Purwodadi village said. (*)