Enjoying a Beautiful Night Ambience of Batu from Payung

TIMESINDONESIA, MALANG – Batu as the center of tourist attractions in Indonesia has always attracted so many people to come back and visit this place. This place also has dozens culinary spot that worth to visit. Such as Payung, a modest place to hang out by the local youngsters.

You could see lots of restaurants spread along the sideways with their vintage design. These tenants float on the edge of the road supported by thick concrete. Yes, you will have the sensation of sitting on top of a cliff at the restaurant accompanied by the beauty of night ambience of the city from the top.

Located in Songgoriti, Malang, East Java this place could be reached within 30 minutes from Malang. Before the pandemic lots of student will spend their night in this place after finishing their homework just to hang out or release their pain after a busy day at school.

Kopi dan Susu

“I used to have 100-200 customers visit this restaurant in a day before the pandemic. But now, I could only have 2 or 3 customers coming. It’s because the college students haven’t been back to their university” Slamet the owner one restaurants in Payung said.

The approachable prices for the food and the night ambience has attracted those youngsters to make this place as their favorite place to hang out. They used to spend their night in this place till morning comes. But now, you barely be able to see those crowds.

This place has a wonderful taste of barbecue, from corn to rabbit, lamb, or chicken satay. It also has a tasty sweet roasted banana as a dessert with various toppings. Some other local foods and beverages that suit to accompany your cold night are also available in this place.

Slamet also said that during this pandemic the local government run a curfew and will usually check them in the middle of the night. They will send everyone home and force the restaurants to close their business earlier. Lots of restaurant choose to close their business for they have zero income.

At night the dew will drop and Payung will be colder so you better wear a thick clothes or jacket. This place is such a wonderful place to rest your mind and enjoy the beauty of Batu at night from the top whole having a cup of coffee. (*)