Etnic 2 Kaffe & Resto Banjarnegara is Back on Business

TIMESINDONESIA, BANJARNEGARA – If you long for delicious taste of restaurant dishes, then Etnic dua Kaffe & Resto, Banjarnegara, Central Java could be your alternative place to go. This restaurant will pamper your belly with their exotic taste of food.

“Since the government implements new normal life regulation, we have taken back 80 percent of our employee to help us back in the restaurant, ” Subur Wahyudi the owner of Etnic 2 Kaffe & Resto said on Friday (4/7/2020).

He also hopes that new normal life will bring back the economy back to where they were. The pandemic has made them struggling and make them had to sent most of their employees home. “I heard that Banjarnegara has become a green zone for Coronavirus case. I do hope this will bring a food sign to everyone, ” he added.

Etnic 2 Kaffe & Resto which serve all exotic Indonesian dishes such as Sate Kelinci (Rabbit Satay), rica-rica mentok (Sweet and Spicy Duck), sop iga (Rib Soup), and Bebek Bakar (Roasted Duck) try to bring back all exotic dishes on their table to pamper their customers.

They also have crushed crispy chicken with super spicy sauce, and several exotic dishes made of local fresh and salt water for those who love some seafood. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your key and taste Etnic 2 Kaffe & Resto of Banjarnegara, East Java exotic dishes to stop your mouth from watering. (*)