Find Lots of Beautiful Spot for Selfie at Wagos Gresik

TIMESINDONESIA, GRESIK – Wagos, such a beautiful tourist destination in Gresik, East Java is so worth to visit. This place offers hundreds of beautiful spots for selfie which you could use for your photoshoot. You will be able to satisfy your hunger of selfie.

Located at Gosari, Ujungpangkah, Gresik, East Java this place not only offer a beautiful scenery around, but also the beauty of historical cave with Bantulan Epigraph in it. This Epigraph was a living proof of Majapahit Kingdom.


“We add a flower park we called as Cakra Dewi, and it apparently become the most popular spot visited by all the visitors, ” The Manager of Wagos Gresik, Misbakhud Dawam said on Sunday (5/7/2020).

Still according to him, they planned to have their own florist so they could offer those beautiful flowers as a souvenir for their visitor. They will also try to maintain the historical site to be their first attraction so everyone could see and visit it and find out its story.


Meanwhile, during the new lazim, the management of Wagos also implement a strict health protocol to prevent Coronavirus spread on there are. They ask all of their visitor to wear a mask, wash their hand as often as possible, and check their body temperature before they enter the attraction.


Meanwhile, Alif a local visitor said that he loves and appreciate the management’s effort to make Wagos Gresik, East Java become a wonderful tourist attraction. “It has been my second time to visit this place, they have a wonderful scenery especially Bantulan Epigraph, ” Alif said. (*)