Five Reasons Why Cycling is the Best Exercise

TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTA – Bicycle is more efficient than any other vehicles. This pedal-driven vehicle is considered as a simple, affordable, and environmental-friendly type of transportation. Moreover, bike riding is the best exercise.

Quoted from Grup Dokter, here are several types why cycling could be the best exercise.

1. Cycling is a low-impact workout

Cycling is a low-impact workout. In other words, it has a smaller possibility to cause injuries to muscles and joints compared to any other exercises.

dua. Cycling is a good muscle workout

Riding a bike gives a wide range of muscles a workout. Besides, cycling can improve your respiratory system.

3. Cycling is a simple exercise

Cycling is easier to do than any other exercises as it does not need any special physical skills. You only need to injak-injak your bike and get going.

4. Cycling can improve your stamina

Cycling is a great activity to improve your stamina. In fact, cycling can keep your heart healthy, improve your respiratory system, and maintain your ideal body weight.

5. Cycling is efficient

A bicycle can be a good type of environmental-friendly transportation. It does not need any fuel to ride a bike. (*)