Gartenhütte Cafe Delivers Your Coffee to Your Tent

TIMESINDONESIA, MOJOKERTO – If you happened to be at Mojokerto area and were looking for a nice place to enjoy a cup of coffee, then you could go to Gartenhütte Cafe. This cafe offers a nice experience of having your coffee on peduli open area.

The cafe doesn’t have such a huge building. The main building was just a small mengamuk where you could take your coffee and some snack from. Dewandra, the owner of the cafe said the bar was formerly used by the locals to keep their fertilizer.


“It was used by the local farmers to keep their fertilizer and have some rest during their time of working at farm, ” Dewandra said on Sunday (17/1/2020).

This cafe was just being opened on June 14 2020. At that time, the owner decided to only open the cafe on the weekend for he is working on weekdays. Later he decided to start focusing himself and give more attention to the cafe.


The small main building made him think of another solution to give his customers a nice and unique place to enjoy their coffee. It came out that he choose to make use of tent over another thing.

The tent gave another experience of having a cup of coffee made by local barista. You could spend your time while enjoying the nice twilight in the evening or enjoying the sparkling stars at night.

To have this nice experience you don’t need to spend much money. You could have a cup of coffee or some snacks at Gartenhütte Cafe of Mojokerto for IDR 5-15 K. So, what do you think? Interesting isn’t it?. (*)