Get the Delicious Taste of Banana Geprek or Smashed Banana of Pamekasan

TIMESINDONESIA, PAMEKASAN – Who doesn’t love banana. Everyone in the world would love to have it on their dining table as dessert. Some people in Pamekasan even made it into interesting desserts such as Pisang Geprek (Smashed Fried Banana) or Sate Pisang (Banana Satay).

Sholeh a local guy of Pamekasan creates this dessert and introduce it to the local community during Ramadhan for their ifthar meal. For those who would like to taste it, you could find his push-cart at Jalan Kesempatan Gerbang, right in front of SMKN 1 Pamekasan.

Banana Geprek has a crunchy texture and sweet taste from the glaze with a strong nice banana aroma. This dessert has become the most favorite food taken by most of Sholeh’s customer.

“People will love to have something sweet for their ifthar meal. And I took this chance by introducing them with all these banana stuff, ” Sholeh said on Sunday (26/4/2020).

You could get a pice of Pisang Geprek (Smashed Fried Banana) for IDR 8 K and IDR 6 K for Sate Pisang (Banana Satay). What do you think? Interested to taste these dessert of Pamekasan?