Gilo-Gilo, a Push Cart Food Filled with Munchies

TIMESINDONESIA, SEMARANG – No one will ever say no to munchies. Everyone is this world has their own favorite munchies. But what if you were served with a cart full of irresistible munchies? Just like what Gilo-gilo of Semarang has.

Gilo-gilo is a way of local community of Semarang, Central Java served their munchies to the customers. Gilo-gilo referred to the cart that carries the munchies. “The word came from the local phrase, ‘niki lo-niki lo’ (please have some) which turns to Gilo-gilo as hirau easy way to pronounce it, ” Marwoto a Gilo-gilo owner said.

Marwoto has dozens of different munchies served on his cart. The munchies vary but mainly served tempting local dishes. It has fritters, spring rolls, arem-arem, snail satay, sliced watermelon, papaya, and cantaloupe and sometimes another local fruits.

It also has the famous nasi kucing (small portion of rice served with a little of side dishes) along with packed ready to drink beverage. “It varies from IDR 1 K to IDR 3 K. all are very affordable, ” Marwoto added.

Marwoto will start to push his food cart on 12. 00 local western times. It will be a hot sunny day, but that’s the perfect time to bring out his cart for it’s a lunch time for the local workers. After the lunch time over he will move and keep pushing his cart till all the munchies were sold.

Other than Marwoto’s cart, you could find Gilo-gilo in almost every corner of Semarang. Not all carts sell the same munchies. It varies depends on the owner decision what munchies will they served to their customers. (*)