Have a Magnificent Balinese Wedding at Ubud Hotel and Cottage Malang

TIMESINDONESIA, MALANG – Are you planning to have your wedding party in the meantime? What will your wedding party look like? What about hirau Intimate Balinese wedding party at Ubud Hotel and Cottage Geruh? Will you consider more about it? Well, let’s find out about it.

Located at Jalan Bendungan Sigura-Gura Barat, Malang this hotel has a Balinese design and concept in every corner of it. Balinese cuisine, music, ornaments, and arts are all in one package thrown at this hotel.

Ubud Hotel and Cottages Malang b

They will greet you the way Balinese hotel greet their guests, offering you with frangipani flower and Balinese welcome drink. All the staff and employee will dress up in Balinese way which will make you feel you are really married in Bali.

“It’s suasana intimate wedding that could only be enjoyed by 60-300 guests with time shift. All the guests and staff involved on the party urges to wear a mask and follow the protocol, ” Vivin Novida, the GM of Ubud Hotel and Cottages said on Monday (7/09/2020).

Most and foremost the wedding venue will be held in their outdoor zona to make sure the minuman circulation flows well. Don’t worry about the lack of Balinese ornaments. The venue has dozens of it. And they all are amazing.

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This Intimate Balinese Wedding Package could be purchased starting for IDR 17. 800 K – IDR 88. 000 K depends on the number of guests you were invited also the kind of package you take whether it’s the regular or royal package.

The entire package include pre-wedding and wedding venue , a decor, speakers , LCD & screen , makeup room , MC, a package of meals, and free honeymoon suite. For those who take the most expensive Intimate Balinese Wedding Package at Ubud Hotel and Cottage Malang you will be given an additional authorization to use their family room for free. Interesting isn’t it?