How Take Away Order Helps Restaurants Running Their Business During COVID-19

TIMESINDONESIA, MAGETAN – Lots of company which run their business in hospitality including restaurants trying to find a way to gather themselves during COVID-19 outbreak. They take every way including delivery or take away order.

Lockdown, social distancing rule and self quarantine time has made several restaurants lost their regular visitors. Delivery order and take away then believed to be the answer for this issue.

“All food are meant to take away. We don’t provide dine in service anymore, ” owner Banyu Mili Restaurant Magetan, Heny Rahmawati said on Monday (27/4/2020).

Most of the restaurants will also prepare a sink in front of the restaurant for the customers. Still according to Heny, Banyu Mili also provides a sink right next to the restaurant door, so the customers will wash their hand before they came in.

“It’s a sad and tough situation for everyone since COVID-19. We hope that this situation will be over soon so we could serve them not only with take away order but also dine in, ” Heny added. (*)