Indomie Launched The Unique Indomie Ramadhan Pack

TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTA – Indomie, Indonesian world’s number one instant noodle released a new packaging for Ramadhan. The picture on the packaging left with only an empty bowl without noodle on it.

This new packaging which has just been released several days before Ramdhan becomes one popular item in the market.

Where the bowl on the packaging usually filled with noodle, it’s now filled with supportive sentence saying “Selamat Menutup Ibadah Puasa” or “Happy Fasting Day”.

For a bundle of indomie consist 5 packages, you could purchase it for IDR 12 K. What a cheap price eh.

Everyone look for it and eager to try the taste of the instant noodle. Unfortunately, this cute packaging of Indomie Ramadhan pack could only be found in Indonesia for now. (*)