Irjen Pol M Fadil Imran, Optimistic News Maker of East Coffee 2020

TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTA – TIMES Indonesia Award keeps searching for the perfect person to be granted with such an prize either for national scope or in districts. This time this goes to East Java plus grants Irjen Pol M Fadil Imran as Positive News Maker 2020 of East Java.

Irjen Pol M Fadil works as the particular East Java Regional Police Department Chief. During his time sitting in his position now, he has dedicated so much work in dealing with Covid-19 issue especially in East Java.

Together along with General Major TNI Widodo Iryansyah the former Commander of DAM V Brawijaya he made Kampung Tangguh Semeru (almost similar in order to blessing box in US). Jointly they spread it in almost every corner of East Java.

Up until now, there has been thousands of Kampung Tannguh Semeru he established around the region. He has helped and advised the locals started from the smallest scope of community in order to reduce the number of Covid-19 exposure with his idea.

The Chief executive of Indonesia Joko Widodo acquired given his appreciation toward their work. The Kmapung Tangguh at this point has been adopted around the nation to help others survive from this crisis caused by the pandemic.

He also organized the street visitors be not as masses as if it’s normal to problem the virus spread. For the particular good job he done, he is now appointed to be the particular Commander of Polda Metro Jaya Jakarta.

All these reasons has made Irjen Pol M Fadil Imran  acquired the TIMES Indonesia Awards for Positive News Maker 2020 of East Java. Congratulations!