Learning about Coffee from the Scatch at Ceret Ireng Coffee Farm Batu

TIMESINDONESIA, BATU – Ceret Ireng Coffee Farm Batu brings a marvelous experience of learning all about coffee from the scratch. You could also taste their coffee rigght in the farm surrounded by the lush of coffee trees.

Located at Songgoriti, Songgokerto, Batu, this new tourist destination is one of the local department of tourism’s project to introduce the local coffee of Batu.

For all this long Perhutani as the company which in charge on the farm distribute their coffee to neighbourhood city and named it with associated name. Yet the local government like to help them to distribute their coffee and introduce it with their own brand as Batu Coffee.

The Mayor of Batu, Dra Hj Dewanti Rumpoko visited this place on their grand opening and happened to taste the coffee. “Its good. It has a nice smell, has a sweet taste and been acknowledged by the country as the second best taste of coffee in the country,” she said on Saturday (29/8/2020).

This destination was an answer toward the local farmers’ issue in distributing the coffee. If you happened to visit the coffee farm you will be pampered with lush of green coffee trees. You will also served the local authentic taste of Batu Coffee.

You could also have a tour from how to cultivate coffee tree in to picking the coffee berries. You will also take ti see how it’s processed till it served on your table. Meanwhile, the local government still planning to add more attractions to accompany your coffee time at Ceret Ireng Coffee Farm Batu.(*)