Magic Carpet, an Attraction You Could Find at Waduk Gondang

TIMESINDONESIA, LAMONGAN – Lamongan, East Java has new attraction that you can visit to spend your holiday. It’s Waduk Gondang, a local water reservoir which has lots of attractions and eye-catching spot for selfie such as this magic carpet.

The magic carpet was laid 4 meters height above the ground. For you who are afraid of height this could be quite challenging. But for those who loves some height and nerve challenging things this is definitely your thing.


The management Waduk Gondang of Gondang Lor Village, Sugio, Lamongan, East Java also prepares a professional photographer that will help you to find the best shoot. You can keep your anxiety for getting the perfect angle for your flying like picture.

“With Waduk Gondang and Mount Arjuna gandar the background, this magic carpet will give you best flying on magic carpet like picture, ” Hardian Permana, The Chief of Gondag Lor village said on Saturday (12/9/2020).

This magic carpet was supported with rope that tied with a safety chain. This magic carpet could handle and lift to 75 kg. So it’s quiet safe for the visitors to do a photo-shoot on it for an hour or two.

To have a wonderful picture riding on magic carpet at Waduk Gondang, Lamongan you only need to pay for IDR 20 K. by purchasing the ticket you will be given an aces to rice the magic carpet a beautiful picture by the professional photographer they management has provided. (*)