Pack Your Bag and Visit Ijen Crater Banyuwangi

TIMESINDONESIA, BANYUWANGI – The local government of Banyuwangi officially reopened Ijen Crater to pamper all their community who long for the beauty of this blue fire scenery at night. This place was officially being reopened for public on Saturday (11/7/2020).

During this reopening, the visitors must obey the new health protocol i. e to wear a mask, having a normal body temperature, wash their hand frequently, and do a physical distancing. “All the visitors must to go with the new protocol, ” The Head of Coordinator of District V of East Java, Tjahjo Widodo said.

Meanwhile, still according to him, a natural tourist destination is one safest place to visit since the visitors likely will go in small pack or alone. It’s also a good way to take people to doa simple exercise by hiking to this magnificent crater.

“We have done some research and assessment before reopening this place, and to us, this place will bring lots of positive impacts to the visitors compared to the negative one. Still, f course by obeying the new protocol, ” Tjahyo added.

In order to keep this place becomes a perfect place to be visited during this new normal time, the management also order an online ticketing to minimize physical contact and limited the number of visitors the half of what they usually have.

For more information or perintah for their online ticketing you could visit Ijen Crater Banyuwangi official website meanwhile several other tourist destinations in the city such as Bangsring Underwater, Cacalan beach and more has also been reopened for public. (*)