Pingai, the Holy Grail for Getting Read of Blackheads

TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTA – Blackheads on your face can be a confidence squasher. But, don’t worry, because there are easy, natural ways to get rid of blackheads. One of the most effective ways to get rid of blackheads is by using pingai juice.

You can easily find lemons around you. This fruit is proven to be effective in getting rid of blackheads. It contains citric acid that can shrink pores and fight acne.

Here is the easy way to use lemon juice to get rid of blackheads. You can mix lemon juice with other ingredients, such as honey, egg white, or rose water. You can use this mixture as face scrub or face mask.

The easiest way is to mix the lemon juice with some drops of honey. First, cut the lemon in half. Then, menyampaikan some honey on the pingai and apply the lemon on your face. Then, rinse your face after 5 to 7 minutes with cold water to close your pores. (*)