Racism Has No Place in a Civilized Society

TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTA – The killing of George Floyd and some others before him by the use of excessive force by the police officers uncovered the very vomiting of our society, which I (Imam Shamsi Ali) call an original sin of this nation.

Racism is in fact the very first crime committed in the history of mankind. It reminds us of the rejection of Iblis (devil) who is considered the master of all evils to prostrate to Adam to respect when he was commanded to do so by the Almighty.

In the Holy Quran, Ch. 38: 71-76 Allah said:

“Why thy Lord say unto the angels: Lo I am about to create a mortal out of mire. And when I have fashioned him and breath into him of my spirit, then fall down before him prostrate. The angels felt down prostrate, everyone else, ”.

But Iblis (the devil) rejected God’s command, as Allah continued:

“Saving Iblis; he was scornful and became one of the disbelievers, ”.

God then asked him for his reason not to obey the Almighty:

“O Iblis, what prevented you from prostrating to that which I created with my Hands? Were you arrogant (then) or were you (already) among the haughty, ”.

Iblis responded: “He said: I am better than him. You created me from fire and You created him from clay, ”.

This claim of superiority on the basis of physical creation and/or appearance is what we today call “racism. ” Hence racism is the very first sickness in God’s creation.

And that is exactly the first reason why racism is fundamentally rejected in Islam.

Secondly, racism is rejected in Islam because all human beings, regardless of their racial background and skin color are created from the same origin. They are all created out of clay or soil.

Allah said in Ch. 20: 55: “From the earth We created you, and into it We will get back you, and from it We will extract you another time, ”.

Because we have the same origin of creation, there is no reason to be considered “essentially” different. We may have many differences, but they are not essentials.

Even when we come to our physical appearances, the difference is basically only on the surface of our skin color. Beyond that skin you will find everything else is similar to all people. Their blood, flesh and bones are all the same.

All of this is to affirm that all people have the same origin. They are all created from the same substance, namely clay.

Thirdly, Islam considers all human beings as one family. The human family.

In fact, the Quran confirms that all mankind are the descendants of the same father and mother. Allah said in Ch. 49: 13:

“O mankind We created you from a male and a female (Adam & Eve), and made you into nations and tribes, ”.

Allah also mentioned that all human beings came from the same soul, “Min nafsin wahidah” (see Ch. 4: 01).

The concept of one human family affirms the very fundamental equality of all members of that family. You may have a different shape, inclinations such as the love for certain taste of food, different plans in life, and so forth. But you are all the same in that family as one.

Fourthly, Islam teaches us that all human beings, regardless of their backgrounds and associations in life, are inherently dignified. This dignity is a god given dignity. And no one has any right to take it away but the Provider Himself.

Allah says in Ch. 17: 70: “And we have truly honored the children of Adam”.

This heavenly dignity is based on the fact that all mankind represent the “fitrah” (purity) of God. Possibly if I must borrow from our Jewish or Christian friends, we can say “that all mankind are created in the image of God. ”

Hence all humans, regardless of their physical appearances, represent that very “purity” of the Almighty. Demeaning any human is in reality to demean the dignity and purity of God, the Almighty.

Fifthly, Islam is a religion that not only considers diversity to be a social virtue. Indeed, diversity in embraced as a part of our religious commitment.

Allah the Almighty affirms in the Holy Quran Ch. 16: 93: “If Allah had pleased He would surely have made you a single nation, but He leads whoever He wills astray, and guide whosoever he please. But you will surely be questioned about what you used to do”.

As we mentioned previously in this verse from the Holy Quran: “And We have made you into nations and tribes” indicates clearly that being diverse is God’s wisdom and creation. Therefore, rejecting the diversity of mankind in a denial of God’s sign and wisdom.

The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) fought racism

Will all these above reasons, and many more, Islam came to abolish racism and fought against it from the very beginning of its history in Makkah.

The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) from the very beginning of his prophethood (nubuwat) in Makkah, brought a very revolutionary change to the society of deep racism at the time.

His earlier followers came from deeply diverse backgrounds. There was Bilal bin Rabaah, who was an African former slave. Ammar bin Yasir, whose parents (Yasir and Sumayya) were the first martyrs in the history of Islam. Salman Al-Farisi, a truth seeker from Persia. And there was also Suhaeb Ruumi, who was a Caucasian from Rome.

All those companions were treated very fair and equally to the other companions from the Arab Quraisy, such as Abu Bakar, Umar, Uthman, Ali and others (radhiyyallahu anhum).

The Holy Quran, Ch. 49: 13 said: “The most useful among you in the eyes of God are the most righteous of you, ”.

Righteousness is not defined by any physical and material identity. It is only defined by a human’s heart and action or behaviors.

During his last and only pilgrimage (hajj) of the Prophet, he delivered his final sermon known in the history once “khutbatul wadaa’”, in which ones prophet said:

“Verily your father is one. The whole of you came from Husfader. And Adam was created via clay. There is no brilliance of an Arab over virtually any non Arab, nor superiority related to a non Arab over beneficial Arab except the virtue connected with his piety. And there definitely is not superiority of a violet over a back, nor an actual black over a white with the exception of by the virtue of ones piety, ”.

The item declaration of genuine human equality was the first ever fact of such a kind appearing in the history of mankind. This in turn was a long time ahead the declaration of Universal Human Rights by the United Worldwide in Geneva.

All of the prophet (pbuh) did not solely deliver the message of Islam, he lived and enforced this can to his own people. The actual following incident tells us strategies about how committed the prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was to human equality.

Once the was 1 argument between two companions related to prophet. One was a good respectful companion from the Arabs named Abu Zar al-Gifari in addition to the other was Bilal can Rabah who was a black color and also a former slave.

Because of their own feeling as a native and moreover respectful member of the Arabic community, Abu Zar called Bilal “Ibnu Saudaa” which means “son of a black woman”!.

Bilal was deeply insulted by that nickname. He divulged this to the Prophet. The main prophet in turn told Abu Zar: “You are a dog of ignorance, ”.

Here the prophet clearly but also with full commitment fought versus the ignorance of his woman in the form of a good racist tendency. He wanted you can remind him that racism can essentially a form of lack of knowledge and evil.

Like a result, we may conclude that racism in this so called “modern and civilized world” is severely ignorant and evil and need to be rejected and uprooted with the society.

Certainly so in the country and this also is known to be a real superpower nation, and the place that not only claims for be a democratic country headquartered on “Justice for all”, and yet also promotes this idea entirely over the world. It is without question shameful and hypocritical for this particular nation to continue to announce to be an exceptional bev?lkerung while continuing to cling you can its own evilness and lack of knowledge.

With the your demise of George Floyd, let’s get up and rise together on to bring change so that associated with us can claim to be each leader and a role magic size for the rest of the type of world!

The latest York City, 8 June 2020.

Prepared by: Imam Shamsi Ali, Director/Imam of Jamaica Muslim Center MEXICO & President, Nusantara Foundation NORTH AMERICAN. (*)