Recovering Coronavirus Patient of East Java Share Her Survival Story

TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTA – It’s quite reliving that there are around 426 Indonesian recovering from coronavirus. A coronavirus survivor from Kediri, East Java, let’s called her as “Honey” shared her survival story during 18 days of isolation.

“I believe I got the virus before the government appealed everyone to wear mask. And its spread by those people with no symptoms, ” Honey said on conference call with the Mayor of Kediri on Monday (13/2/2020).

Honey said that she never went anywhere but home and her office. On the first day of the symptom, she got a 38-39 degrees (in celcius) fever and then she started to isolate herself away from her family and her 11 months old baby.

On the second day, she check her condition to the hospital and do a swap test. She back to the same hospital on the 4th day and do another test since she think she is getting worse.

Doctor decided to treat her in the hospital. At the same day she started to have dry cough which makes her has respiratory problems on the 5th day. She couldnt even taste any food or water that coming to through her throat.

“I was so frustrated since everyone was taken away from me. No one could visit me and I was just alone on the isolation room. But those angelic nurse and doctors keep supporting me till I have my courage back to fight the virus, ” Honey added.

At the end of her survival story, she also said to just follow every doctor’s instruction and keep your courage and faith that you could fight coronavirus and be together with your family or the one you loved once you recover. (*)