Reog Ponorogo Foundation Opens Barong Class for Public

TIMESINDONESIA, PONOROGO – Around 119 students of Barong Class of Reog Ponorogo Foundation performed and show their skill at Ponorogo Art Building, Ponorogo, East Java. The shows was held on Friday (28/8/2020).

Reog Ponorogo is such a marvelous dance from Ponorogo East Java which brings out dozens dancer including Barong and dadak merak (the huge tall mask made surrounded by peacock feathers) dancers.

The class was made to attract the local youngsters to give more attention to the reog itself and also to show them the right way of playing and holding the dadak merak.

“Its not all hot about strength and power, but also about the art of playing the dadak mark beautifully, ” Shodiq Pristiwanto, the man in charge of the reog class said.

Shodiq also said that the class will be directed by two mentors, one for the strength and the other one is for the beauty of the choreography. Most of the students are the local youngster and some of them are older.

“People are enthusiastic with this class, but most of them came from neighbourhood city. And for this Covid-19, I feel a little bit insecure to have them, it’s just for the safety for everyone in the class, ” Shodiq added.

He hopes that from this class there will be more new talents in Barong and Dadak Merak dance coming.

“I’m so happy that I could join this class, this not merely how to bite the merebahkan but also the move of the dance, ” Bagas, a student of Barong Class of Reog Ponorogo Foundation said. (*)