Spend Your Weekend at Pinus Buaran Forest Banjarnegara

TIMESINDONESIA, BANJARNEGARA – Are longing to spend your night with a captivated night ambience around you? Well then, you might need to visit Pinus Buaran Forest at Bukit Ares Pawinihan, Banjarnegara, Central Java. This place will give you a true outdoor experience.

This place is equipped with such wonderful outdoor facilities such as outbound, camping site, playground and a picturesque park for your selfie. Plus, this place has been equipped with a meeting room that you could use while holding your company



You could pitch your tend and spending your night admiring the glimmering stars and the sound of flickering cricket.

“A fresh air and the beauty of the local scenery are the main attraction for this place. You could have all natural scenery wherever your eyes go, ” Endar Triono, the man behind the building of this place said on Saturday (26/9/2020).


Endar also said that this place was mainly built to help the local community get a job, as well to increase their income through tourism. That’s why he along with the local community determined to bring this place to be an iconic destination in the city.

Pinus Buaran Forest of Banjarnegara could be accessed with any vehicle you have. This place will be a perfect place to spend your time with your friend or family during weekend. (*)