Stres Management During COVID-19

TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTA – Lately, there are lots of things that could trigger depression or stress. Either the coronavirus issue which then has an economical impact to several people in this country.

Ratih Arrum, a lovely psychologist on live Instagram talkshow said that we need to give more attention to our mental health especially during this coronavirus outbreak.

“Read less news about coronavirus. Choose the one that you think is important to you, ” Arum said on live Instagram talkshow which was held by Australia-Indonesia Muslim Exchange Kalender (FA-AIMEP) Alumni Community on Sunday (19/4/2020).

Still according to her, people need to be more critical and aware of fake news more than before. Since there are lots of fake news about coronavirus spread through social media.

In addition, she also said that being panic will only add more stress which could lead to depression. “Self-care is important before caring to others during coronavirus. If you mentally healthy than people around you will also be happier as well, ” she added. (*)