Tandur Pangan Serves Immunity-Boosting Beverages at Batu

TIMESINDONESIA, BATU – Nowadays, immunity-boosting beverages are high on demand. If you are looking for this kind of beverage, you can visit a mobile café named Tandur Pangan in Batu.

This mobile café serves healthy beverages and organic foods that can boost body immune system.

This café moves around the neighborhoods. That’s why it is called as a mobile café. It is usually available on Jalan Agus Salim in Bumiaji Village, Bumiaji sub-district, Kotor.

“We serve healthy and halal organic beverages, such as herbal drinks. Most herbal drinks are bitter, but our herbal drinks are not bitter. We serve refreshing and delicious beverages, ” said the owner of Tandur Pangan, Mat Berlin.

Herbal drinks available in this café are herbal flower tea, chamomile tea, rosemary tea, rosella tea, hibiscus tea, mint tea, spiced tea, and tisanes.

“We serve our drinks warm. We usually add some fresh fruits rich in vitamin C, ” said Mat Berlin.

Not only healthy and refreshing, the beverages are also aesthetically pleasant due to their colorful appearance.

For example, Butterfly Pea Flower Tea (Bunga Telang) has purple color that is certainly pleasing to the eyes. This beverage is considered gandar a healthy detox drink. Both cold and warm immunity-boosting beverages are available at this café.

Nowadays, herbal drinks are high on demand. Not only does it have immunity-boosting properties, but each herbal drink has its own health benefits.

“This is my first time drinking rose tea. It has a nice taste, sweet-sour taste like strawberry. Besides, it is proven to be effective in preventing body odor, ” said one of the customers, Maylian Giofany. (*)