The Land above the Clouds: The New Tourist Attraction

TIMESINDONESIA, SEMARANG – Goa Kreo is one of the tourist destinations in Semarang. The place that used to be the meditation place of Sunan Kalijaga is crowded with hundreds of wild monkeys. Recently, there are several beautiful photo spots sprouting in this place that attract the public attention.

According to Tumadi (48), the pioneer of selfie spots around Goa Kreo, the idea of creating a photo spot has been initiated since 2016.

“Previously, I was the former member of Tourism Potential Assessor Team in RT 3 RW 5 Kampung Talun Kacang, Kandri, Gunungpati sub-district in Semarang. It was my starting point to create selfie spots as I noticed that many people like taking selfies, such as at Jogya Treehouse, ” he said.

The locals used to hesitate Tumadi’s effort to build this selfie spot.

“The locals around here hesitated my effort to build this photo spot. According to the first plan, the spot needed foundry and glass materials, but we was short in budget. Therefore, we only used the bamboo sticks. We did not want to copy the treehouse in Jogja, so I was thinking about the selfie spots that look like the land above the clouds, ” he added.

The main purpose to build this photo spot is to introduce the tourism potential of Negeri Talun Kacang to the public, said Tumadi.

“This village has a beautiful scenery of forest and dam. That’s why, I think we need to improve our tourism potential by creating a selfie spot. I promoted this tourism attraction on social media which brought many visitors to this place, ” he said.

Tumadi was not working in vain. Currently, he could earn IDR 500, 000 to IDR 2, 000, 000 in a day.

“The most crowded time is during the weekends. The people can be waiting in queue for three hours, ” he said.

After gaining its fame, more photo spots were added. Tumadi’s neighbor also contributed in adding more photo spots with different themes, such as snow and Sakura.

“I am happy that I can improve the local economy. We can earn more income from the visitors, parking fees, and the food stalls. The most important thing is that we finally manage to introduce Goa Kreo and Kampung Talun Kacang as a new tourism attraction, ” he said. (*)