The Philosophy Behind Lemper, an Indonesian Sticky Rice Cake

TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTA – Lemper, other than becoming a fancy delicious sticky rice cake which is served in certain occasion, such gandar wedding party, gathering or a meeting, it has become one most favourite cake especially for the Javanese.

This cake was formerly only served for the royal family. This was because they are the only family that could afford to buy some rice and meat back then. As we all know, at the colonial time things are very expensive for the local community.

Little did you know, the name of the cake ‘Lemper’ has its own wonderful philosophy. Lemper derived from Javanese language. Lemper is a short name for ‘yen di lem atimu ojo memper’ (stay humble even if someone showered you with praise).

This delicious sweet and savoury cake’s name has a deep meaning for the Javanese. It holds the local wisdom to remind you to always be humble whatever you do and whoever you are.

With its appearance in every social occasion, Lemper (sticky rice cake) also reminds us to always be friendly, lower our pride and be humble to everyone we meet. Because everyone is the same. Whether they are rich or poor. (*)