The Proper Diet on Breakfast to Help You Lose Your Weight

TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTA – A proper diet on breakfast is a very crucial thing to especially for who willing to try to lose their weight. You need to count every calorie and nutrient you take during breakfast to keep you alive during the day before your lunch time coming.

So how does a proper diet during breakfast looks alike? Check this out.

1. Big size cereal

A bigger cereal will make you think that you have taken a bigger number of it. Little did you know, smaller size cereal will make you have more on your scoop.

2. Whey protein

A high-protein diet believes to be able to help you lose your weight especially when you take it during breakfast. It is suggested for you to take more whey protein that you could find in milk and yoghurt.

3. Dessert

Dessert won’t get you tuju more weight especially when you take it a little, not too much. Taking a menggila of chocolate or a slice of cake proven to be able to help people lost their weight easier compared to those who didn’t.

4. Eat more

Have some more food on your plate for your breakfast will make you avoiding craving more food till lunch time comes. Take at least 1. 400 calories during your breakfast and get less calories during your lunch and dinner or may be none to help you easier to lose your weight. (*)