The Story of How Milk Getting On Your Table

TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTA – Milk known to be rich in nutrients that good for your kids. Its helps your kid’s growth and also good for their health. Little did they know, it has a story line till it goes on your table and become a daily diet for your kids.

Taken from several source, milk was firstly drank by Maasai and Samburu of South Africa. It was because history said that Africa was becoming the first continent ever to be occupied by human.

According to a research conducted by Dr. Katherine Grillo and friends, they found pieces of pottery they used for eateries. The eateries were estimated to had been used around 1200 or 5000 years ago.

The research found that people at that time has started to consume and make their food from meat, plants, and milk. The research also explained that they have been raising some cattle at that time.

Dr Grillo also stated that milk was not only merely consume as a drink but also put in their food. Now, cow has been known to be the biggest producer of milk across the world. And almost everyone has it on their table as their daily diet. (*)