These Students Joined Virtual International Calligraphy Competition

TIMESINDONESIA, JOMBANG – People hasa been used to virtual things recently. Concert, tour, or even competition held virtually through a video broadcast. Including the International Calligraphy Competition in Iraq which followed by the local students.

The local Cultural Department of Nineveh Iraq held calligraphy exhibition and competition several days ago. This event was held in order to commemorate their deceased professor Syeikh Yusuf Dzannun.


Syeikh Yusuf Dzannun was born in Iraq in 1932. The Syeikh was known to dedicate his life for calligraphy. He taught lots of people and wrote lots of guidance book for it.

The competition was followed by around 50 participants from all over the world. The competition was held for several days starting from Sept 20 – Oct 5.


“I’d like to give them a chance to join this world competition and measure their skill. It’s not a big deal if they has to lose this time, at least they have the experience and learn from it in the future, ” Zainul Mujib (25), the students’ advisor said.

Zainul also said that he is so proud of his students. He hopes that in the future there will be more students like them that could go international and lift up Indonesian calligraphy in the world through any way including this International Calligraphy Competition in Iraq. (*)