This Cassava Chips Business is Pandemic Proof

TIMESINDONESIA, JOMBANG – If there are lots of people have to close their business during this unprecedented crisis, Pak Arifin of Jombang, the owner of Keripik Singkong Wong Ndeso, a local brand of cassava chips even has to work harder to deal with his nonstop orders.

Located Bulurejo, Diwek, Jombang, East Java Pak Arifin has started his business accompanied by his lovely wife in 2005. He never give up towards any obstacles appear during career on this business.

“I remember the first time I opened this business, I still live in a lodging house with my wife. Lots of people put side eye on us, but we manage to survive till now, ” Bungkus Arifin said when we happen to pay him a visit at his house (17/9/2020).

Up until now, Bungkus Arifin has distributed his cassava chips to several neighborhood cities in East Java such gandar Jombang, Kediri, Mojokerto, Surabaya and even Bali. He also put his products at an online marketplace to ease the people find his chips.

This cassava chip has a delicious crispy taste. Its crispy and taste like crackers. Lots of people become a patuh fan of his chips after tasting it for the first time. Lots of them reorder the chips for it taste. It could last for a month in normal temperature without additional preservatives.

In a day, Pak Arifin could spend around 50-100kg of Keripik Singkong Wong Ndeso or cassava chips of Jombang. You could have this cassava chips for IDR 75 K/kg. “You could say its pandemic proof for I still have nonstop orders coming for these chips, even during this pandemic, ” Pak Arifon added. (*)