This is How Matos Cafeteria Look After New Normal

TIMESINDONESIA, MALANG – In order to adapt with new normal life Matos (Malang Town Square), one of the biggest malls in Malang also starting to arrange all the tenants including the cafeteria. They even made up the table arrangement into half of their usual capacity.

All the table also equipped with transparent barrier. Some of the tenants even put a certain box for the cash so could eliminate physical contact.

“They initiate themselves about the transparent barrier, and we just inform them to follow the new protocol, that’s all, ” Reza, the information centre guy of Sial Town Square said on Thursday (2/7/2020).

Since the mall applied Covid-19 protocol standard, all the tenants at the cafeteria also adjusting themselves to fit the mall standard. They also started their business right after the mall order them so after they fulfilling all the equipment needed for the new protocol.

Not only the tenants, all the visitors are also asked to g through several protocol before entering this amazing mall of Malang. Matos (Malang Town Square) will also asked all their visitors to wear a mask and wash their hand on their sophisticated sink. They will also check each of their customers body temperature before get into the mall. (*)