This Tissue is Made of Panda Poo

TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTA – With massive pile stock of panda poo at Wolong Bifengxia and Dujiangyan, the Chinese government decided to recycle it into a more valuable product. They then turn those poo into tissue.

This tissue now has become a trending item search on google list. Huang Yan, a local scientist said that Panda could produce around 10 kg of feces in a day. Meanwhile, there are around 300 Pandas at Wolong Bifengxia and Dujiangyan.

The poo must to face a long process before it then turned into tissue. The national panda reserve in Sichuan province has signed a deal with a paper company to recycle the animals’ feces.

Before it turned into tissue, the poo must to face a long process. “We assure you that tissue has fulfilled the jnternational standard of quality control, ” the staff of Sichuan Jianwei Fengsheng, Zhou Chuanping said.

With the complicated process, the local government of China decided to sell it for ¥ 43 or IDR 87 K. It costs you ten times more expensive than the regular tissue you could have at the local department store. However, regarding to its origin and how its processed, this Panda Poo tissue is worth the money. (*)