Wedang Empon-Empon, a Delicious Herbal Drink of Yogyakarta

TIMESINDONESIA, YOGYAKARTA – Herbal drink believed to be able to tackle coronavirus and help people to stay fit and healthy. This drink has become very popular lately since those herbs and spices they used could easily grown on this land. Just like what wedang empon-empon (herbal drink) of angkringan Lik Arif at Kuncen, Yogyakarta.

Angkringan is a popular small food shop which become the right place to taste the simplicity of Yogyakarta. Lots of people from the tourist the local community will spend their time in this place just to taste the food or just hang out.

Angkringan Lik Arif at Kuncen, Yogyakarta is owned by Arif Sifat Utama. Lik Arif, that’s the way the local community call him made his wedang empon-empon of local herbs such gandar white turmeric, turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, clove, lemongrass, and lime. To make the herbs not to tangy Arif added some sugar block into it.

Located next to STIKES Aisyiyah, this angkringan has had lots of fans. You could see people lining up for a table. “I start selling this wedang empon-empon the first time our president said that this healthy drink could tackle corona. And surprisingly, the customers give a positive feedback, ” Lik Arif said on Sunday (7/6/2020).

Lik Arif charge his customer for IDR 4 K for a glass of wedang empon-empon. Beside the Herbal drink Lik Arif also served several typical dishes of angkringan such as nasi kucing, intestines satay, spicy chicken head or feet, some fritters and more. Angkringan Lik Arif Yogyakarta is open daily from 17. 00 to 03. 00 early in the morning (local western time). (*)